Zoltan Kovacs – Photo: kormany.hu

Kovacs protests Venice Commission ‘joining campaign against Hungary’

It is "not even surprising" that the Council of Europe's Venice Commission has "joined a series of international attacks against Hungary", State Secretary Zoltan Kovacs said on Facebook on Tuesday.

The Venice Commission “recites the propaganda of the left wing and of George Soros”, Kovacs said.

On Monday, the Commission called on the Hungarian government to reconsider recent amendments to Hungary’s constitution so as “to avoid possible discrimination against certain groups in society”.

In his entry, Kovacs said that “Hungary protects the institution of marriage as one made between man and woman, as well as the family, the basis for the nation’s survival”. He insisted that “marriage and the relationship between parents and children are the basis of a family”. “A mother is female and a father is male; those are tough facts,” he added.

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