Zoltan Kovacs – Photo: kormany.hu

Kovacs: ‘Left’s irresponsibility knows no bounds’

The irresponsibility of Hungary's left-wing opposition "knows no bounds" when it comes to the war in Ukraine, Zoltan Kovacs, the state secretary for international communication and relations, said on Thursday.

“Words are a dangerous weapon in a taut situation when there’s an armed conflict going on; when major powers are engaging against each other in our neighbour,” Kovacs told public news channel M1. “It goes beyond political disagreements when the left says things that don’t reflect the national consensus and the stance of the democratically elected government making responsible decisions.”

Kovacs said it was wrong to make divisive remarks about the Transcarpathian Hungarian minority and the issue of energy policy “the way the left has done a dozen times over the past week”. He added that it was “especially dangerous” that the left was “rejecting everything we’re trying to do”.

“This is what happened during the migration crisis and the pandemic, and now when there’s a war going on, it’s no longer just irresponsible, it’s in fact a sin,” the state secretary said.

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