Kovacs: Brussels attacking National Consultation

Brussels "has launched an attack" on the National Consultation public survey and "is doing everything to silence the Hungarian people", Zoltan Kovacs, the state secretary for international relations and communications, said on the X platform on Monday.

Responding to a statement by the European Commission’s chief spokesperson, Eric Mamer, that Hungarian government’s claims about the commission made in the survey were “completely untrue”, Kovacs said it was indeed the case that Brussels wanted to relocate migrants to Hungary, give more money and more weapons to Ukraine, abolish the Child Protection Act and low household energy bills, and scrap the interest cap on loans and the tax on excessive corporate profits.

Also, the commission, he added, sought to influence Hungarian politics and allow genetically modified Ukrainian grain into the country.

“Brussels doesn’t like it that Hungary doesn’t dance when they whistle,” he said.

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