Csaba Korosi - Photo: UN

Korosi: War has upended everything

The world has not been in such a complex crisis since the second world war, and the United Nations will not be able to change the course of events based on how it has traditionally operated, so a serious rethink of how it does things is needed, Csaba Korosi, President of the 77th UN General Assembly, said in an interview to Hungarian public media on Thursday.

Korosi said the world had arrived at a watershed owing to the severity, complexity and consequences of current crises, as well as national responses to them, including resorting to war and nuclear threats. So common answers must be found for the most serious questions, he added.

The UN, like other large organisations, tends to carry on as it always has once the big speeches have been made, he said, adding that his biggest task was to consult the UN’s six main committees and encourage them to change how they operate. To emerge from the current crisis, a serious reassessment is needed, he said.

Korosi said it was heartening to have received everyone’s support for the implementation of the General Assembly presidential programme.

He said the Russia-Ukraine war was the most serious among 30 armed conflicts currently taking place around the world in terms of food security as it had an influence on the food supply of 1.2 billion people. The war, he added, contravenes international law and the UN Charter, and it must be brought to an end urgently.

Work must be done to manage current crises and transition to a state of affairs which ensures future generations can create and sustain life. Movement must be made towards a sustainable and peaceful world, he said, adding that if everyday life is filled with war, then the aim of societies is bare survival.

The issue of sustainability, the diplomat said, had been pushed to the background. Because energy is now being wielded as a weapon, climate protections are deteriorating, he added.

“The logic of war has upended everything,” Korosi said.

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