Mate Kocsis - Photo: Facebook

Kocsis: ‘We’ll fight to protect our children’

Fidesz's parliamentary group leader, Mate Kocsis, has vowed to "fight to protect our children" in connection with "our anti-paedophile legislative package", and he slammed "the imperial center in Brussels" for "prosecuting us" over the law.

Kocsis added in a Facebook post that a teacher who made “strange explanations” with regard to abuses of children could not be “held accountable” because he was “protected by” the legal charity TASZ, the Helsinki Committee NGO and the teacher union PDSZ, and had “threatened to sue”.

“Our child protection law has come under attack … so the fight continues,” he wrote.

“As a father of two children and an author of the law, I declare that as long as a single pedophile seeks legal loopholes or to nullify our law against the will of 3,600,000 Hungarians expressed in a referendum, we have work to do. We will fight for our children’s protection,” he wrote.

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