Mate Kocsis - Photo: Facebook

Kocsis: ‘We mustn’t dance to Brussels elite’s tune on Ukraine EU entry’

"We must not dance to the tune of the Brussels elite on the issue of Ukraine's European Union accession," ruling Fidesz's group leader said on Wednesday.

In a parliamentary debate on a draft resolution concerning Ukraine’s EU membership submitted by the ruling parties, Kocsis said the European Commission’s proposal on Ukraine’s accession was ill-considered and untimely.

He said there were several questions left to be answered in connection with Ukraine’s membership, noting that the country was at war and it was currently impossible to tell whether its legal system was in line with the constitutional structure expected of EU member states.

Kocsis said the draft resolution made it clear that “Hungary must not jump irresponsibly into this adventure”.

“Here is another issue on which we can’t dance to the tune of the Brussels elite,” he said. “We need consensus rather than imperial directives, but this is missing in Europe today.”

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