Mate Kocsis - Photo: Facebook

Kocsis tells MPs: Hungary pro-peace, will stay that way

Hungary is pro-peace and intends to stay that way, Mate Kocsis, the leader of Fidesz's parliamentary group, told MPs on Tuesday in connection with a bill declaring Hungary's position a year after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war.

The bill calls for a ceasefire and peace negotiations as soon as possile, and states that Hungary will continue to refrain from sending weapons or soldiers to Ukraine.

Kocsis said the longer the delay, the greater the losses would be, noting that the bill expresses Hungary’s commitment to peace and underlines its condemnation of Russian military aggression while recognising Ukraine’s right to self-defence.

He said economic and energy sanctions adopted in Brussels had not succeeded in steering Russia towards peace, so Hungary opposes broadening EU sanctions.

Further, the bill calls on the government to continue helping refugees from Ukraine. It also notes that the war had a grave impact on the Transcarpathian Hungarian community.

Kocsis called on Hungarian public figures to refrain from making any statements that could lead to Hungary drifting into war. Some, he added, had made it clear that they would not support the Fidesz-sponsored pro-peace declaration.

“We’ve become used to not being able to count on everyone in times of turmoil,” he said, listing the migration crisis, the pandemic, and the war. “It was also the case with sanctions, and it’s likely to be the case now.” “They are pro-war, but we are pro-peace,” he said. It would be irresponsible to declare that only Russia or Ukraine can win the war, Kocsis said, adding that the onus was on war supporters to convince peace supporters about the wisdom of arms deliveries.

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