Mate Kocsis - Photo: Facebook

Kocsis: Novak, Varga made ‘responsible decision’

Katalin Novak and Judit Varga "have made a responsible decision, which we respect", Mate Kocsis, the group leader of ruling Fidesz, said on his Facebook page on Saturday, referring to their resignation announcements as president of the republic and MP, respectively.

Kocsis said he was grateful to both of them for their work, and thanked them for keeping the interests of the community in mind in the course of their work.

“Their resignation is evidence that, when it comes to the right wing, mistakes have consequences, while on the left even crimes do not,” Kocsis said, adding that the left wing, “still led by Ferenc Gyurcsany”, had “hypocritically attacked” Novak and Varga. He accused Gyurcsany of having led a “cavalry charge against his countrymen in 2006” and living in a villa “stolen from a Jewish family”.

“No one on the left has apologised to voters for calling them rats, for threatening to hang them from lamp posts, for insulting them; as likewise there are no consequences for the corruption in Budapest … and antifa bloodshed…” he said.

Novak and Varga’s decision, Kocsis said, testified to this moral difference.

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