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Kocsis: Foreign opposition party financing report should be declassified

Given the "shocking" and "serious" evidence presented in a secret service report concerning the foreign financing of left-wing parties in the last general election, the material should be declassified, a top Fidesz politician said on Thursday.

“The facts of the case are shocking and far more serious” than initially thought, Mate Kocsis, the leader of the ruling party’s parliamentary group, said after a meeting of parliament’s national security committee, noting that he had initiated the declassification of the report.

“The secret service report is classified until 2051,” Kocsis said. “But at today’s meeting … I initiated its declassification,” he said, adding that the evidence indicated serious breaches of Hungary’s sovereignty, “which the Hungarian public has a right to know about,” he wrote on Facebook.

He called on left-wing parties to support his initiative, and he called the foreign financing the “gravest scandal” since the 1989-1990 change in political system.

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