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Kocsis: Fidesz-Christian Democrats submit package of child protection laws

The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats have submitted another package of laws for child protection to parliament, Fidesz's group leader said late on Tuesday.

Mate Kocsis said on Facebook that stricter punishment will apply to paedophile crimes, paedophile sexual crimes will never lapse, perpetrators cannot be conditionally released from custody or placed in reintegration detention, and a certificate of good conduct can never be issued to them.

Hungarians who commit such crimes abroad will also be included in a public database of paedophiles, he said.

Child protection experts who fail to report when a child is under threat can be subjected to up to two years imprisonment, and all employees in child protection institutions will be expected to pass strict testing to reveal if they are suitable for looking after children, he added.

“There are many decent and honourable people working in the field of child protection, and the aim of the law is to filter out those that want to get close to children to satisfy their sick inclinations,” he said.

The draft will also make it simpler to report and remove all content that might violate children’s personality rights, he added.

An amendment proposal closely linked to the package will protect children from inappropriate content and give parents the means to request a type of “filtered internet” for their children, with sites blacklisted by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority getting blocked, he said.

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