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Kocsis: Current Brussels leaders cannot guarantee prosperity, peace

The current leaders in Brussels cannot guarantee either prosperity or peace, the leader of ruling Fidesz's parliamentary group said on Sunday.

Mate Kocsis told public radio that a change was needed in Brussels’ leadership because they had been unable to guarantee to European citizens the very basics that the European Union had been established for.

“The founders promised peace and prosperity but in the past five years … the current EU leaders have been unable to guarantee this, and there is war and a weakening economy instead,” he said.

“Robert Fico has been temporarily lost from among pro-peace politicians”, which has further increased the significance of the European Parliament election, he added.

He said Fico’s attacker had been a pro-war and pro-Ukraine activist who had expressed his opinion against the pro-peace Fico government several times.

“The war psychosis is so great that it permeates European people’s lives regardless of whether they stand on the side of war of peace,” he added. “It was the great failure of EU leaders that recent years had been about the growth of violence on the continent, including terrorist attacks, street violence committed by antifa activists, war — and now the attack [against Fico],” he said.

He also said it was shocking that the leaders of large European countries such as the French president and the Swedish prime minister had made remarks about the use of nuclear weapons. “Statements about armaments, the wave of violence, and war preparations make whole continent look as if it had lost its peaceful, welfare, calm profile,” he added.

Kocsis said all this increased the importance of the EP election in Hungary, where the left wing standing against the government were “globalists against sovereigntists”.

They repeated the same mantras, he said, “not necessarily because they think that way but because that’s what their financiers in the West expect.”

He said the majority of European citizens did not want war. Only “the European media, the politicians under US influence and the media outlets financed by American speculators” wanted war on European territory, he insisted.

The Fidesz official said much was at stake in the US presidential election because it would determine the next two or three years of Europe and its attitude towards the war.

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