Mate Kocsis - Photo: Facebook

Kocsis calls on left wing to end public violence

The Fidesz parliamentary group leader on Thursday called on the left wing to put an end to "public violence, bullying and lies".

Mate Kocsis said at a press conference that Laszlo Varju of the opposition Democratic Coalition and Andras Fekete-Gyor of Momentum should quit public life.

Noting that Varju was convicted of assault and Fekete-Gyor was sentenced for a violent act against an official, he said that anyone convicted of acts such as disorderly conduct and causing bodily harm should step down from their public duties.

Kocsis insisted that acts of public aggression were increasing, and he referred to the recent actions by the antifa movement in Hungary.

Kocsis was speaking at the same press conference in which he announced the ruling parties’ decision to nominate Tamas Sulyok, the current head of the Constitutional Court, for president of the republic.

Also in Balatonalmadi, where the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democratic parties held a meeting of their parliamentary group, he announced that Tamas Deutsch, who has headed the Fidesz delegation in the European Parliament, will lead the Fidesz party’s list in the European parliamentary elections.

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