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KNYF: ‘No documents disappeared in so-called Volner-Schadl case’

All the documents pertaining to the so-called Volner-Schadl case are available, as well as evidence not included in the indictment, and "none have disappeared", the head of the Central Investigation Prosecutor's Office (KNYF) said on Thursday.

At a press conference, Pal Furcht rejected accusations against the office that “facts” had been removed from the indictment. The indictment contains all data the prosecutor’s office had deemed provable, the charges against the accused and the evidence supporting the facts, he added. Proof not supporting the charges had also been filed, “all data can be followed up on,” he said.

The case concerns an investigation involving Pal Volner, a former state secretary of the justice ministry, and Gyorgy Schadl, the former head of the Hungarian Chamber of Bailiffs.

Prosecutors allege that Schadl had regularly bribed Volner until July 2021 and used his influence to secure the appointment of bailiffs of his choosing in exchange for kickbacks.

Charges of corruption, property crimes and money laundering have been filed against a total of 22 people in the case.

According to the indictment, Schadl paid Volner a total of at least 83 million forints (EUR 217,000) in bribes between May 2018 and July 2021, who then exercised his influence as state secretary and deputy minister in Schadl’s interest.

Furcht said that former Justice Minister Judit Varga was heard as a witness by the Metropolitan Investigation Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday, declining to disclose details on an ongoing investigation.

He said that several separate investigations had been launched on connected matters, and were under way at other investigation authorities.

He said he would not comment on the evidence submitted in the ongoing investigation but the authorities would provide information once the investigations are completed.

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