Baron Jozsef Eotvos

Kasler attends Jozsef Eotvos reburial

Baron Jozsef Eotvos (1813-1871) was not only a 19th century politician but "a man that had written his name among history's greatest," Human Resources Minister Miklos Kasler said at the reburial of the late statesman and his family, an event which also marked Eotvos's 150th death anniversary, on Saturday.

Eotvos and his contemporaries in Hungary’s Reform Age in the first half of the 19th century were working to “extend the rights of the nobility to the whole nation, sharing power and opportunities with them”, Kasler said in his address at the ceremony in Ercsi, south of Budapest.

Eotvos, when public education minister, managed to resolve issues around ethnic minorities and the emancipation of Jews, he introduced free public education and implemented a reform of secondary and higher education, Kasler said.

The ceremony was attended by Tamas Freund, head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, of which Eotvos had been the third president, as well as National Museum head Laszlo L. Simon.

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