Photo: MTI

Karacsony: Vote choice between ‘right or wrong’

Sunday's parliamentary election is "about war and peace but the question is who supports war", Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony said adding that the vote would decide "whether Hungary is on the right or wrong side of history".

Karacsony spoke to reporters after casting his ballot in Budapest’s 14th district, and said the opposition had delegated vote counters to every polling station to “ensure conditions for a transparent vote”.

The opposition, if it wins the election, will seek to “maintain the voting rights of ethnic Hungarians but implement changes”, Karacsony said, adding that ethnic Hungarians with a dual citizenship should be ensured a “special mandate”. He added, however, that the citizenship act could only be amended with a two-thirds majority, and “neither side is likely to gain such a majority”.

Karacsony also said that he had cast an invalid vote in the referendum held simultaneously with the election on Hungary’s child protection law, adding that “the so-called” referendum was “more like deceit”.

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