Photo: MTI

Karacsony urges return to ‘dreams of 1990’

Gergely Karacsony, the mayor of Budapest and the co-head of Parbeszed, called for a return to the "dreams of 1990" at a campaign event organised by the united opposition in the capital on Sunday.

Karacsony said “Europe, democracy, self-government, solidarity and a social market economy” were among those dreams during the change of regime.

He said the central government sees “a rival” in the municipal council of Budapest and “is interested in its downfall”, “punching down” on it to prevent people from seeing the council is capable of governing and wants to serve.

Fidesz, Karacsony said, “is everything but civic and conservative” and said the party “needs to be taught a lesson on conservative civic values” at the polls in April.

Momentum chair and MEP Anna Donath said “all of Europe is waiting for Hungary to turn its back on Russia-friendly policy and again be treated as an equal partner”.

Gergely Orsi, the mayor of Budapest’s District II, said the united opposition aims for a “nurturing, caring Hungary…where all in need are helped, regardless of political affiliation”.

Piroska Visi, the Budapest coordinator for the Everybody’s Hungary Movement, said hope needs to be restored in a government “that serves, not rules”.

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