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Karacsony: Temporary hiring of guest workers harms economy

Employing guest workers through hiring companies will negatively impact the labour market in the long run, the mayor of Budapest said on Tuesday, adding that the city of Budapest will not allow such practices for its own companies.

Gergely Karacsony said on Facebook that “it cannot be a good job in which there is no actual relationship between employee and employer . where one company just lends employees to another”. This will make employers vulnerable, curb their rights and prevent low earners from closing the gap, he insisted. Employee rights should be reinforced, while wages need to be raised, he said. “Hungary does have labour reserves and it would be a crime to give those up,” he said.

Referring to Prime Minister Viktor Orb├ín’s remarks made in parliament, suggesting that Budapest had just employed 13 foreign nationals as bus drivers, Karacsony said the statement was “nowhere near reality”. He also said the government “should explain why they now promote the employment of tens of thousands of guest workers from third countries after long years of inciting against them”.

He added, however, that “the problem is not with foreigners . the greatness of Budapest lies its diversity and it will stay like that.” The practise itself does not promote a relationship between employer and employee, and exposes employees become to their rights being curbed, he said.

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