Photo: MTI

Karacsony highlights importance of environmental protection

The mayor of Budapest has highlighted the importance of environmental protection during preparations for the celebration of the founding of the Hungarian state.

“We must consider the obligation our glorious past demands of us for the future,” Gergely Karacsony said on Facebook on Friday. “Let’s celebrate with humility towards the heritage entrusted to us: our environment.”

He accused organisers of a concert to be held in the Taban district of the capital on Sunday of showing “zero interest” in the park’s environment, and he appealed to concert-goers to take care of the area.

Referring to the national holiday fireworks, he said: “Some like fireworks but others are outraged that money is being spent on them during hard times.”

Pointing to the pollution, noise and stress felt by animals, he said fireworks should be replaced by light shows using new technologies.

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