Photo: MTI

Karacsony: Government ‘taking away’ streets from city council without consultation

The government has "taken away" entire streets from the city council in addition to squares "without consultation", Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony said on Friday, referring to a government decree issued overnight.

“They will then be passed over to the 5th district where property utilisation is usually described as ‘the Rogan model’…” Karacsony said in reference to Antal Rogan, former mayor of the district who now heads the prime minister’s cabinet office.

Under an amended government decree, the management of seventeen public spaces has been transferred from the Budapest metropolitan council, which is run by the national opposition, to the ruling Fidesz-led 5th district council.

Karacsony cricitised the government for focusing its efforts on legislative changes instead of addressing the problem of “record-high inflation, soaring food prices and millions feeling anxious about their approaching energy bills.”

The 5th district said earlier that under a government decree amended on July 25, it would manage 17 public areas in the capital “so reducing tasks” managed by the metropolitan council “and their related expenses”. No transfers of property or changes in ownership will take place, it added. Government critics of Karacsony’s administration had accused it of mismanaging certain squares and public spaces.

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