Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony – Photo: Facebook

Karacsony calls on Orbán to scrap proposal to nationalise downtown residential buildings

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony on Wednesday turned to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an open letter, calling on him to scrap a proposal aiming to allow the state to take over 10 residential buildings in Budapest's 8th district.

If the proposal submitted by Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen is adopted, the government could evict 200 families, Karacsony said.

Calling the amendment proposal a “grave, inhumane, lowly and cynical attack against Budapest and the 8th district”, Karacsony insisted the government was preparing to evict 200 families, most of whom live in poverty. “They would take away their homes and leave all their troubles to the 8th district.”

The district was preparing to revamp the houses and develop the surrounding area, he said. He pledged to work with district mayor Andras Piko and lawmaker Andras Jambor “and use all political and legal tools at our disposal to thwart this inhumane plan.”

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