Karacsony: Budapest transport price hikes limited to tickets typically purchased by tourists

The price of most transport tickets and season passes in Budapest will not increase, but certain transport offers such as 3-day tickets, mainly purchased by tourists, will do, Gergely Karacsony, the mayor of Budapest, said on Friday.

The City Assembly will on Wednesday discuss the mayor’s proposal to raise the price of certain BKK tickets and fines which have otherwise remained unchanged since January 2014, Karacsony said on Facebook.

He said many “pro-government” localities had raised transport prices but Budapest was resisting doing so, even though central budget contributions to the financing of public transport in Budapest only amounted to 6 percent of the total metropolitan transport budget.

The mayor noted “skyrocketing” energy and fuel prices, adding however that raising prices would solve the financing problems of public transport in Budapest.

Deputy Mayor Ambrus Kiss said recently that the planned increase in the price of a 24-hour day ticket was from 1,650 forints (EUR 4.11) to 2,500, while the 72-hour pass would rise from 4,150 to 5,500 forints.

On-the-spot fines are set to increase to 12,000 forints from 8,000, while late payments of fines would go up to 25,000 forints from 16,000. The new tariffs are scheduled to take effect in early September, and the city administration anticipates price hikes to yield additional revenue of 800 million forints.

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