Photo: MTI

Karacsony: Budapest still ready to set up vaccination points

Budapest and several other local municipalities continue to be ready to set up coronavirus vaccination points, the mayor of Budapest said.

In a Facebook entry, Gergely Karacsony called on the government to “stop fighting and start cooperating”. He said there was a need for cooperation and expressing sympathy for victims of the epidemic, which requires that all possible forms of help should be utilised to speed up the vaccination drive.

He asked the government to make use of local municipalities’ assistance, adding that “there is no such thing as opposition vaccination or government party vaccination”.

The coronavirus press centre’s vaccination team said in response that there was no shortage of vaccination points, but of vaccines. The body called on Karacsony and “other left-wing mayors” to “stop generating confusion”.

“The selection of vaccination points is the task of the epidemiological authority and the national vaccination working team rather than campaigning and anti-vaxer left-wing mayors,” it added. Some 6,752 vaccination points have been selected and nearly 6,000 are in operation at GPs’ surgeries and hospitals. More vaccination points will only be necessary if enough vaccines arrive for mass vaccination, the team said.

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