Budapest mayor Gergely Karacsony

Karacsony asks Budapest residents to trust in vaccines

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony has appealed to Budapest residents to put their trust in experts and get vaccinated against coronavirus.

Karacsony said on Facebook late on Tuesday that the number of coronavirus infections had been on the rise in recent weeks after a decline in January. He said he understood that it was increasingly difficult to live with restrictions. “We’re all impatient and can hardly wait for this to end.” But until enough people get inoculated, the best protection is wearing masks and physical distancing, he added.

“It is only with vaccination that we can return to our old lives,” Karacsony said, adding that it was very important for as many people as possible to get vaccinated. “It’s now that we must prevent a potential third wave from flaring up,” he said.

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