Photo: MTI

Karacsony: 2023 brought ‘celebration and ordeal at the same time’

For Budapest, 2023 was a celebration and an ordeal at the same time, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony said on Monday in a New Year's video.

Karacsony said challenges included the war in neighbouring Ukraine which came on the heels of the pandemic, the energy crisis, inflation, a flood and “the anti-Budapest policy of the government”. At the same time, metro line 3 and the Chain Bridge have been renovated while the capital celebrated its 150th birthday.

“If 2023 was the year of survival, then 2024 must be the year of preparation for an uncertain, unpredictable future full of many doubts and perhaps sometimes fears,” the mayor said.

Karacsony said that just like in Europe, resilience must also be a key word for Budapest and the city’s strength and freedom should be increased so it can defend itself and adapt when necessary.

He said Budapest’s strength came from its community.

“It is the capital of solidarity, fairness and acceptance, even if there are those who want the inhabitants of the rest of the country’s settlements to hate it for this very reason,” he added.

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