Justice ministry: Government rejects Ryanair passing windfall tax on to customers

The justice ministry on Tuesday rejected what it called low-cost airline Ryanair's attempt to pass the recently introduced windfall tax on to customers, saying the company was after further excessive profits.

The ministry called it “preposterous” that Ryanair had raised prices retroactively on tickets purchased before the tax on excessive profits was introduced.

Companies should assume the burden of the tax without placing it on Hungarians “who shouldn’t be made to pay the price of war”, the statement said.

The ministry also called on Ryanair to apologise “for its tone towards the Hungarian government” which, it added, seemed typical of its tone towards passengers, too, judging by their complaints.

To prevent any further breaches of the law, an investigation is being pursued in view of the large number and weight of complaints, the statement said, adding that growing demand for travel after the coronavirus pandemic could result in more abuses with regard to passengers.

The minister responsible for consumer protection is also launching an investigation of the company, it added.

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