Judit Varga – Photo: BZT / Nóra Halász

Justice minister vows to boost European right’s self-confidence for EP elections

Justice Minister Judit Varga on Thursday said she would work to help "the increasingly strong continental right wing" believe that it can win a majority in next year's European parliamentary elections and protect traditional values.

Addressing an event marking the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Hungary’s National Election Office (NVI) and National Election Committee (NVB), Varga vowed to help the European right believe that it can take control of European Union institutions after the 2024 elections and protect European Christian values for future generations.

Varga said she was “certain that the European progressive left and its media” would do everything it could to discredit Hungarians’ democratic expression of their will “in the event that our voters may not dance to the tune called from abroad”.

She said that under the Treaty on European Union, the free democratic will of the Hungarian people was a value to be defended even if the political mandate given by them “doesn’t necessarily align with the ideological mainstream in Brussels”.

Varga said she was certain that the NVI and the NVB would ensure that Hungarians can make a free and democratic decision without any outside interference in the 2024 EP and Hungarian local elections.

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