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Twitter blocked 200 of my followers, government spokesman says

Justice minister says she shares concern about Twitter locking Trump’s user account

Justice Minister Judit Varga said that she shared German Chancellor Angela Merkel's view that the locking of US President Donald Trump's user account by Twitter was reason for concern.

“It is not my duty to comment on other state’s internal policy but sometimes it can’t be slipped over,” she said on Facebook.

“In the last few days, private censorship has reached a new level and has struck in an unprecedented way. In digital imperialism, it no longer matters whether one is an average user or the democratically elected president of the world’s leading power, since it has become clear that both can be silenced at the touch of a single button,” she added.

Varga said this highlighted “how vulnerable we really are to global control of liberal social media”.

Government spokesman: ‘Twitter blocked 200 of my followers’

Zoltan Kovacs, the state secretary for international communications and relations, said on Monday that Twitter had in an “arbitrary move” blocked 200 of his followers “overnight” without any explanation or notification in advance.

There have been numerous news reports and commentaries published about “this most recent hobby of tech giants of blocking or suspending mostly right-wing conservative voices they don’t like,” Kovacs said on Facebook.

He noted a similar move by Twitter in September last year, when it blocked the Hungarian government’s official account “without any explanation” just on the same day EU Commissioner Vera Jourova, “a Soros ally”, presented its rule of law report on Hungary.

“While these tech giants keep preaching about the importance of diversity, their moves over the recent weeks and months go to show that they are far not that supportive when it comes to the diversity of opinions,” Kovacs said.

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