Bence Tuzson - Photo: Facebook

Justice Minister: Media must stand its ground in fast-changing world

The media and journalism today have to stand their ground in a fast-changing world, Justice Minister Bence Tuzson said at the third Carpathian Basin Hungarian Media Conference in Visegrad, in northern Hungary, on Friday, adding that this was "an incredible responsibility and task".

In his speech, Tuzson said it was crucial to be able to distinguish between what is or is not important and what is or is not real and convey it to the audience.

He called for quality communication that reflected reality.

The minister said the aim of the conference was to determine how Hungarians and Hungarian journalists can give the right response to challenges in the fields of the media and the law.

Tuzson said the generational communication gap had perhaps never been as large as it is today.

He said the first time he had been elected MP in 2014 had been to the first parliament that also had a mandate from Hungarians beyond the border. This, he added, presented an obligation to the Hungarian parliament and the government.

“Hungary’s prime minister is no longer prime minister of a country enclosed by borders, but the prime minister of all Hungarians,” Tuzson said. He said this meant that the government had an obligation to implement every measure bearing in mind that it affects all Hungarians.

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