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Justice minister marks anniversary of Hungary’s EU integration

Justice Minister Judit Varga marked the anniversary of Hungary's joining the European Union on May, 2004, on Saturday.

“Europe used to be a dream of an alliance of Christian nations,” Varga said in an English-language post on Facebook, adding that “for us, it is no longer a dream but a reality, a goal that we will always work for”. She also said that “without Hungary, there is no united Europe”.

When Hungary joined the EU “we believed we had joined a European community that, carrying on the spirit of the EU’s founding fathers, would form a strong Europe based on strong nations.”

“Over time, however, it has become clear that it is not in everyone’s interest to preserve the legacy left by our ancestors,” she added.

“From 2010, instead of constructive debates, a political witch-hunt began, whereas common sense no longer matters while dialogues have been replaced by smear campaigns motivated by ideological reasons,” Varga said.

“Despite all the difficulties and hostility, we remain, even though many in Brussels want the opposite,” she added.

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