Judit Varga – Photo: BZT / Nóra Halász

Justice minister: Hungary registers 160 events at conferences on EU future

Out of the 2,000 events in a series of upcoming conferences on the future of the European Union Hungary has registered 160, more than any other countries except Germany and Italy, the justice minister said on Facebook on Monday.

In her post, Judit Varga said that “as the statistics show, the Hungarian people are committed to the future of Europe”, adding that “in such cases, it may be difficult for those who unfairly accuse Hungary of taking the path of the United Kingdom with Poland”.

“We are working hard and remain active in the dialogue and common reflection because we want to live in a Europe that is true to its own intellectual and cultural heritage. Where they do not make a mockery of national commitment and do not relativise the concept of family,” Varga wrote.

“The current consultation cannot be complete without the opinion of Hungarians. Now is the time to finally send a direct message to Brussels, whether it is about migration, family or the protection of our common values,” she added.

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