Judit Varga – Photo: BZT / Nóra Halász

Justice Minister: Civil society ‘flourishing’

Civil society in Hungary is flourishing, Judit Varga, the justice minister, said on Monday, noting that more than 60,000 NGOs and associations are registered in the country.

The government staunchly supports civil groups but is also concerned about the activities of several NGOs funded from abroad that are “politically motivated and ideologically biased”, she wrote on Facebook, adding that transparency was demanded from these organisations.

“Notwithstanding their philanthropic mask, they still engage in politics, calling themselves civil organisations, yet acting like lavishly funded political parties,” she wrote.

She accused the EU of attempting to “outsource” democracy to such NGOs and “forcing their opinions on us”.

In the run-up to the European parliamentary elections, it will be their job to highlight “this worrying development everywhere”.

Varga said the Hungarian government was committed to constructive European dialogue, and had taken part in EU talks on the protection of civil organisations accordingly.

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