Yoko Ono in 2011 - Photo: wikipedia

Judit Polgar to take part in National Museum’s Yoko Ono exhibition

International chess grandmaster Judit Polgar and film director Gabor Herendi will be among others taking part in a performance at the Hungarian National Museum in an anti-war exhibition Tribute to Yoko Ono.

The performance “Cut Piece” — one of the first examples of performance art which originally debuted in 1964 at the Sogetsu Art Center in Tokyo — will take place from 2pm on Saturday amid an exhibition of the works of Yoko Ono, the National Museum said in a statement on Friday.

The performance has been re-enacted in the National Museum by various Hungarian celebrities, and on Feb. 18 Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon will present the performance.

And at 4pm on Sunday, Yoko Ono’s “Play it by Trust” will come to life as Judit Polgar will play chess with white pieces on a white board. Chess normally symbolises conflict, but Yoko Ono’s white chess set undermines this conception, the statement said.

The war is over! If you want it – Tribute to Yoko Ono chamber exhibition opened in November and presents works related to the desire for peace, with more than thirty works from Yoko Ono’s output. It runs at the Hungarian National Museum until Feb. 18.

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