A tunnel under the Hungarian-Serbian border – Photo: police.hu

Judicial office: Over 1,000 foreign people smugglers imprisoned in Hungary

More than 1,000 foreign people smugglers are serving legally binding prison sentences in Hungary, an official of the National Judicial Office (OBH) said on Thursday, adding that this was twenty times as many people as were imprisoned a few years ago.

Whereas 2-3 years ago there were no more than 40-50 foreign nationals serving time in Hungarian prisons for people smuggling, by now their number has exceeded 1,000, Zoltan Janos Peter, head of the OBH’s IT and electronic administration department, told a press conference in response to a question.

The number of people smuggling cases has risen most significantly at courts near the border, he added.

He said this was also likely the reason why the number of new cases was on the rise again after steadily declining for several years.

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