Vera Jourova – Photo: wikimedia

Jourova addresses Budapest forum

Vera Jourova, vice-president of the European Commission, addressed an event entitled Budapest Forum 2023 - Building Sustainable Democracies, in Budapest on Wednesday.

In her address, Jourova said that while members of the EU had different national identities, traditions, and legal structures, the basic meaning of the rule of law was the same. Legalism, legal security, an independent judiciary, equality before the law, and the separation of powers were a part of Europe’s shared constitutional traditions and served as a basis for all European societies. She added that each member state had agreed to adhere to those fundamental principles by joining the community.

Jourova said it was important to monitor the rule of law in the EU. The community’s annual reports are aimed to be preventive mechanisms to recognise problems before they become serious, she said. The EU’s recommendations lead to meaningful dialogues concerning the rule of law, and once the appropriate instruments are selected to tackle a problem, they will act as catalysts of positive change, she added.

Concerning the EU’s freezing funds for Hungary in connection with a rule of law conditionality mechanism, Jourova said the ball was in Hungary’s court, the Hungarian government expected to make proposals for corrective measures.

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