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Jobbik: Wind farms vital to creating energy security

The opposition Jobbik party is calling on the government to lift the ban on building wind farms, arguing that wind power would be a vital component of Hungarian energy security.

Jobbik’s deputy group leader Koloman Brenner told an online news briefing on Thursday that ruling Fidesz had made Hungary totally dependent on Russian energy supplies and missed opportunities to replace them with cheap and secure sources of energy, he said.

Brenner blamed the government not developing renewable energy sources other than solar energy. He also criticised Fidesz for its “sinful decision” in 2011 to ban the construction of new wind farms.

Jobbik has presented a draft to parliament on lifting the ban and has asked all parliamentary groups to support its initiative, he said.

Brenner also suggested that Hungary should lay more emphasis on utilising fusion and geothermal energy.

Jobbik does not oppose the peaceful uses of nuclear energy but insists that the Paks nuclear power plant should be upgraded with western rather than Russian technology so as to prevent Hungary from depending on Russian nuclear fuel supplies for another 50 to 80 years, he said.

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