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Jobbik urges higher wages for police

Opposition Jobbik urges higher wages for police, party lawmaker and head of parliament's national security council Zoltan Sas said on Wednesday.

Sas told an online press conference that one of the greatest problems of next year’s budget was that police were neglected in it and it lacked an allocation for their wage increase. The monthly basic salary for police has been unchanged at 38,650 forints for 14 years and the actual salary paid is insufficient at around 160,000-180,000 forints per month, he added.

He called for an immediate wage increase for police, saying it could greatly contribute to stopping staff leaving the service, which he said already threatened the proper functioning of the police force.

The state could lose one of its basic pillars if the police cannot function and this will “create an extremely dangerous situation for all of us”, he added.

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