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Jobbik to field own candidate, deputy group leader, for Budapest mayor

The opposition Jobbik-Conservatives party will field its own candidate, deputy group leader Koloman Brenner, for the post of Budapest mayor in next year's municipal elections, the party's deputy leader said on Tuesday.

“As has been shown throughout every mayoral term, a city leadership looking only in one direction is unsuccessful,” Laszlo Gyorgy Lukacs told a press conference, calling for a fundamental municipal reform and “speaking openly about the problems that concern Budapesters”.

Brenner told the press conference that his aim was to offer “Budapesters a real alternative that is attractive” to non-Jobbik supporters as well.

Unveiling his plans, Brenner pledged measures to make Budapest’s public places cleaner, which he said was a problem “that has deteriorated a lot under the current city leadership”. He pledged reviewing the contracts with public cleaning companies and setting up “an adequate care system for the homeless”.

Brenner also pledged a tenfold increase in the number of surveillance cameras in public spaces which he said “should be used solely for protecting public order, not surveillance as such”.

As regards Budapest’s transport, Brenner said he would introduce a uniform parking system and would use revenues from parking fees on further developing the city’s public transport system. He in addition pledged to clarify rules and regulations on the use of e-rollers without delay and, if need be, ban “these life-threatening devices from Budapest”.

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