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Jobbik slams planned tax on interests as harming citizens with savings

The government should refrain from levying taxes on incomes from interests, since it would constitute an "almost unprecedented extraordinary tax on those saving money and self-sufficiency, the leader of Jobbik-Conservatives said on Friday.

Marton Gyongyosi, who also sits in the European Parliament, accused the government of being “helpless in the face of the economic crisis and recession rooted mostly in the boundless spending ahead of the [2022] election and the inflation spike fuelled by the failed price caps system”.

The government should restore trust in Hungary by bolstering rather than taxing the classes that are ready and able to ensure self-sufficiency, Gyongyossi said. Meanwhile, the price caps should specifically support those in difficulties, he added.

Meanwhile, governance by decree should be ended and tax cuts should bolster the working class, Gyongyossi said.

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