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Jobbik protests against Chinese police patrols in Hungary

The opposition Jobbik - Conservatives is rejecting an agreement between Hungary and China allowing Chinese police officers to patrol in Hungary, a Jobbik lawmaker told a press conference on Friday.

Koloman Brenner, who also serves as the deputy head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said “extremely worrisome police press reports” on the matter were confirmed by the interior ministry on Thursday.

Calling the measure “[ruling] Fidesz’s worrisome step towards a one-party autocratic regime”, Brenner said Chinese officers would probably use the “same methods they are used to at home, which are wholly foreign from our European culture”.

Meanwhile, Brenner said Jobbik had also raised its voice against the ruling party’s “dangerous plan to bring half a million Asian migrant workers to Hungary.” According to the Central Statistical Office, the number of guest workers in the country has already reached 120,000, he added.

“Half a million migrant workers would drive down Hungarians’ wages, take away their jobs and put Hungary’s cultural integrity at risk,” Brenner said.

Jobbik’s top candidate for the European Parliament, Peter Rona, will work for “a normal Hungary, prosperity and freedom” in the EU, he added.

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