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Jobbik proposes monthly HUF 50,000 housing subsidy for higher education freshmen

The opposition Jobbik-Conservatives party has proposed giving a monthly 50,000 forint (EUR 129) housing subsidy to higher education freshmen in the first semester of their studies.

The subsidy would be made available to all students without dormitory housing who have to pay rent, Jobbik MP Daniel Z Karpat told a press conference on Tuesday.

The party has proposed providing the subsidy for the first semester because the government has promised to introduce “a new solution for housing and family subsidies” by the end of the year, the lawmaker said.

He noted that his party had been calling for a state rental housing programme for the past ten years.

Z Karpat called on the government to allocate resources to adopting Jobbik’s proposal for a comprehensive housing scheme that involves building 5,000-10,000 rental homes a year and making use of empty ones.

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