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Jobbik proposes inter-party consultations on economic crisis

Opposition Jobbik's new leader Marton Gyongyosi has proposed the launch of consultations between parliamentary parties on managing the economic crisis.

Gyongyosi told a press conference on Friday that he would send letters to the heads of nine parliamentary groups before the end of the day, inviting them to a meeting next Thursday.

“The government cannot or does not want to understand what type of crisis we are heading towards and what the reasons are,” he said. He added that it should be a government task to assess the situation but “as a responsible politician” he felt obliged to propose that political powers should seek a solution jointly.

Under the threat of an economic crisis unprecedented for decades, the government does not appear to have a response to the situation, while the central bank’s forex reserves are at an all-time low and “it can hardly protect itself from speculation”. The situation could be resolved with the help of European Union resources, he added.

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