Jobbik proposes amendments to constitution, law on central bank

Opposition Jobbik proposes amending the constitution and the law on the central bank so as to protect the forint, deputy party leader Daniel Z Karpat said on Tuesday.

Jobbik wants preserving the value of the national currency to be enshrined in the basic law as a government task, he told a press conference. Further, the party wants the central bank to be obliged by law to set an exchange rate target for the forint, he said.

The exchange rate of the euro against the forint was around 266 at the time of the change of government in 2010, he said. This year, the exchange rate shifted permanently above 400, which is reflected in prices and inflates Hungarians’ salaries and savings, he added.

Z Karpat accused ruling Fidesz of purposely weakening the forint in the interest of export-oriented multinational companies.

He said Jobbik would submit the two amendments to parliament this week.

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