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Jobbik initiates referendum on compulsory commerce chamber membership fees

Opposition Jobbik-Conservatives have initiated a referendum on eliminating the compulsory payment of membership fees to the chamber of commerce, the party's parliamentary group leader said on Thursday.

Addressing a press conference, Laszlo Gyorgy Lukacs said it was “unacceptable” that businesses were required to pay a 5,000 forint (EUR 13.50) annual membership fee to the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry “regardless of whether or not they receive any services in exchange”. Meanwhile, those who do not pay the fee are made to pay the same amount in the form of a tax, he added.

Jobbik is on the side of businesses which have to stay afloat amidst the hardships caused by the pandemic and inflation, Lukacs said, adding that companies “receive very little help from the chamber”.

Lukacs said he submitted his referendum initiative to the National Election Office earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, he said Jobbik-Conservatives also wanted to eliminate compulsory chamber of commerce memberships, adding that if they did not succeed in parliament, they would initiate another referendum.

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