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Jobbik initiates referendum aimed at preventing parliamentary trigger of Hungary’s potential EU exit

Opposition Jobbik has initiated a referendum aimed at prohibiting parliament from approving a decision that could lead to Hungary's exit from the European Union.

The referendum question, submitted by Jobbik leader Marton Gyongyosi as a private individual, reads: “Do you agree that parliament should not be allowed to support a proposal or motion that could result in Hungary leaving the European Union?”

The will of the people is crucial when it comes to an issue of this magnitude, which can only be expressed through a referendum, Gyongyosi told a press conference before submitting his question to the National Election Committee on Monday.

He said that while Hungary’s constitution prohibits holding referendums on matters concerning obligations arising from international treaties, the government “with its two-thirds parliamentary majority could lead the country out of the EU at any time”.

Gyongyosi noted that his party had said during the 2019 European parliamentary election campaign that the stakes of that ballot would be whether Hungarians would allow “[Prime Minister] Viktor Orban to drive Hungary out of the European Union”.

Though this view was not taken seriously even by the other opposition parties “the prime minister’s recent speech in Baile Tusnad makes it totally clear that this is his goal”, Gyongyosi insisted.

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