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Jobbik: Hungary ‘behaving like a bad ally’

Hungary's government "is visibly behaving like a bad ally to both NATO and European Union member states", the opposition Jobbik party's deputy parliamentary group leader said on Thursday.

Reacting to the US ambassador’s announcement of sanctions against the Budapest-based International Investment Bank (IIB) and a number of its executives on Wednesday, Koloman Brenner told a press conference that the decision showed that “the United States of America is also turning its back on Viktor Orbán’s government”.

Brenner said the Hungarian government “has not been this isolated” since before the WWI Trianon Peace Treaty, “and that, too, led to a national tragedy”.

Hungary must stand by its Euro-Atlantic allies, he said.

Referring to the war in Ukraine, Brenner said Hungary “can’t side with the losers again in this globally historic conflict like it has unfortunately done so many times over the course of our history”.

Europe and the world need a “just peace”, with the first step being a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine, he said.

Brenner accused Prime Minister Viktor Orban and ruling Fidesz of having “sided with the Russians”, insisting that they “want the peace of November 4, 1956”, referring to the crushing of the 1956 revolution.

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