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Jobbik: Government ‘ruining’ social-care sector

The government's decision to dilute caps on household energy bills and restrict the circle of those who benefit from the cap on the price of fuel will "ruin" Hungary's social-care system, opposition Jobbik said on Monday.

The price increases resulting from the recent changes will make it impossible for the country’s social-care institutions to function, Jobbik MP Ferenc Varga told a press conference, arguing that the institutions could soon see their expenditures rise by up to tens of millions of forints.

The government did not consult those affected by the changes, neither were there any impact studies carried out on how the social-care sector would be affected by them, Varga said.

He said it was also unclear to the sector’s workers whether they could expect the government to take steps to ensure the security of their operations, or what would happen to the existing clients of any service providers that are forced to or decide to close down.

“[Prime Minister] Viktor Orban and his team are unfit to govern, as once again they’ve made decisions without consulting members of the profession in question or the organisations impacted by the decisions,” he said.

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