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Jobbik: Fidesz should not risk Hungary’s EU funds

Fidesz should not risk losing Hungarian EU funds which "belong to Hungarian citizens", Brenner Koloman, the opposition Jobbik party's deputy group leader, said on Sunday.

The ruling Fidesz party’s parliamentary majority has endorsed an “extreme anti-European political statement” that “puts EU funding at risk”, Koloman told an online press briefing on Wednesday.

He said Jobbik rejected extreme positions, so it holds that neither a United States of Europe nor “the extreme anti-European standpoint” of Fidesz was in the interests of Hungarians.

The Jobbik politician said 12 years ago Hungary became a “single-party state approaching authoritarian countries as Russia, Turkey and China, while Fidesz went as far as attacking members of the German or Dutch parliaments.”

Jobbik allies itself with the position of the founding fathers of the EU — Christian European politicians who believed in the social market economy and good cooperation between European nations, he said.

“The rule of law is an old European conservative value,” he said, calling for “balanced civic democracy” and action against “Fidesz corruption”. Only then will Hungary secure its EU funding, he added.

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