Jobbik-Conservatives elect Bela Adorjan as leader

The opposition Jobbik-Conservatives have elected Bela Adorjan as the party's leader. The sole candidate won 91 percent of the votes at the party's congress in Budapest on Saturday.

The outgoing leader, Marton Gyongyosi, decided not to submit a declaration of intent to run, even though he had signalled his plan to do so on the night of the June 9 EP elections.

Adorjan, a folklore craftsman by trade who then turned to local politics, told the press conference said the party must establish stability and return to the path it departed from a few years ago.

Jobbik, he added, must again focus on people’s everyday problems, and the leadership must bolster ties with party members and rebuild trust in the party.

Brenner Koloman was elected as deputy leader at the congress.

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