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Jobbik-Conservatives demands pay rise for teachers

The opposition Jobbik-Conservatives party has demanded that teachers should be granted a 50 percent pay rise without delay, and slammed the government's plans to introduce an evaluation system which the party thinks could result in reduced salaries.

Koloman Brenner, the deputy group leader of the party, said on Facebook on Saturday the planned system had been completed without negotiations with the teachers themselves, and full introduction of the regime from next year on “could have financial ramifications”.

Jobbik-Conservatives consider teachers “responsible professionals rather than servants that could be dismissed at any time”, Brenner said, adding that under the new system “Fidesz delegates” supervising schools could “decide who should receive a higher or smaller salary”.

Jobbik-Conservatives also proposes that an earlier system of school supervisors should be reintroduced “to support teachers’ work” rather than just exercise control over them.

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