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Jobbik-Conservatives calls for setting up fund to protect Hungarian jobs

The opposition Jobbik-Conservatives has called for a fund to be established to protect the jobs of Hungarians, a party lawmaker said on Tuesday.

Artificial intelligence is set to gain ground and “Hungary is not prepared for the challenge”, Daniel Z Karpat told a press conference.

The “uncontrolled spread of AI” would, he said, result in the disappreance of Hungarian jobs in various fields. Some 37 percent of jobs in Hungary were under the shadow of digitalisation and AI, he added.

Karpat said affected employees would be left stranded, so his party was calling on the government to set up a job protection fund.

“Large companies that profit greatly from AI should be forced to channel some of their extra profits into a job protection fund,” he said.

He added that Hungary should not wait for the EU in this respect because AI regulations on the continent would not be ready until 2025.

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